Cocktail of the Week Features

Spiced Apple Cider White Wine Sangria

By Rebecca Doser



  • 3 tsp. Teavana Spiced Apple Cider Roobios Tea Leaves
  • 8 oz. of boiling water
  • Optional sugar substitute such as Stevia
  • Chardonnay or white wine (if you are 21 and over of course)
  • Honey
  • Cinnamon
  • Apple
  • Ice cubes


In a Teavana tea maker, pour 3 heaping tsp. of tea mixture (Teavana sells many delectable flavors-next week I am considering trying my pumpkin spice chai flavor!) Boil 8 oz. of water, pour into tea maker and steep for 10 minutes. Transfer warm tea into a bottle to refrigerate (although it is delicious warm as well!) Add in a sugar substitute if you prefer a sweeter tea.

When ready to prepare drink, line the rim of a glass with honey. Then dip and twist glass along a plate sprinkled with cinnamon to fully coat the honey.

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Rebecca Doser '16

My name is Rebecca Doser and I am a sophomore at St. Lawrence University. I am an English Creative Writing major and am involved in various extracurricular activities such as the Women's Volleyball Team, The Hill News, The St. Lawrence Review, the Thelmathesian Society, and the Student Athletic Advisory Committee