Established in 1911 at St. Lawrence University
Established in 1911 at St. Lawrence University

Elinor Tatum

When thinking of notable alumni, Elinor Tatum is definitely a name that comes to mind. She graduated from St. Lawrence in 1993, majoring in government studies. As a New York City resident prior to SLU, the change of pace between places was definitely drastic. From the city that never sleeps, to Canton, we can all attest to the fact that there is a

Hear Me Out… Saints Should Support Saints

Hear me out...   Saints should be supporting Saints. I feel like on this campus we have a problem with

March Madness: 10 Percent is Not Enough

As April showers roll in over much of the United States, what feels like endless rain puddles have forced a

Hate Crime Causes Safety Concerns for SLU Students

TW: antisemitism, mental health, sexual assault The executive editorial staff of the Hill News writes

Reclaiming “I am an Angry Black Woman”

To whom it will concern, I am not going to wait for you to catch up with reality so don’t expect me to


Birth, Death, and Resurrection of the Adirondack Mountains

Many of us are captivated by the Adirondacks and the reasons for this likely span the continuum of human interests. My own appreciation for the region comes from the study of geology which began in Brown Hall on the St. Lawrence

Greenhouse Alum Takes on the Big Screen

And just before the sun set on another Utah desert day, I got the call. I was going to be a contestant on a cooking TV show. I let my supervisor know I would have to hightail it 3 days early from the rare plant surveys I was doing at

Ski Bums in the Sky: Utah Contemplates the Construction of an 8-Mile Gondola

Skiers and snowboarders have an ever-present problem come winter in Utah: traffic. Salt Lake City is home to many world-famous ski mountain resorts, including Brighton, Solitude, Snowbird, and Alta. During peak season, locals and visitors

Clubs of Color are Back!

During the pandemic, it has been hard for clubs and organizations at St. Lawrence University to put on events for the campus community especially, clubs of color. Due to the lack of members because of the lack of diversity on campus, it’s

SLU Covid-19 Update

St. Lawrence University is still continuing to experience COVID-19 outbreaks on campus. Recently, SLU had a small increase in cases that influenced classes as well as the new mask update in classrooms. Students are finishing up their last


Maggie Green: “The Teammate that Everyone Wants to Have”

This semester, Jordan Bernier ’22 and I completed an honors Senior Year Experience (SYE) for the Performance and Communications department under the guidance of Juraj Kittler. Our project included a four-part short documentary series

NBA Playoffs So Far

This year’s NBA playoffs have been off to an entertaining start as many of the first-round and play-in tournament games have delivered thrilling moments to talk about. Despite a grueling 82 game regular season, the last two seeds of the

The Family of St. Lawrence Lacrosse

This semester, Jordan Bernier ’22 and I are completing an honors Senior Year Experience (SYE) for the Performance and Communications department under the guidance of Juraj Kittler. We’re working to complete a four-part short documentary

Emergence of a Challenger to the PGA Tour Threatens the Future of Professional Golf

With the March 16 announcement of the LIV Golf International eight-event series, the time has come to analyze the validity of the proposed league and explore the ramifications of a possible rift in the world of tour golf.