Established in 1911 at St. Lawrence University
Established in 1911 at St. Lawrence University

Sky Watch: December’s Events

Thanks to the help of SLU Professor Aileen A. O-Donoghue and Dominic Ford’s incredibly informative astronomical calendar, I bring to you this week’s sky events: Since this will be our last week to discuss sky events for sometime, I figured it might be fitting to lightly preview some notable

Latkes are one of the Best Parts of Hanukkah!

Hannukah, or the Festival of Light, is a celebration starting this year on Nov. 28 and lasting eight

COVID-19 During Halloween

Halloween is that one time of year when you are a kid that you can be whatever you want, eat as much

St. Lawrence Mental Health Resources

St. Lawrence University students and counselors are working on the promotion of mental health resources

Political Atmosphere on Campus

St. Lawrence University students and administrators weighed in this week on the topics of political


Covid-19 Booster Shot Access

COVID-19 booster shots have recently been approved for people 18 and older who had their second COVID-19 vaccine at least six months ago. This new opportunity is one that college students are beginning to seek out. “I do see

Oxford Shooting Ends in Travesty

On Tuesday, Nov. 30, 15-year-old Eathan Crumbley brought a gun into his school and fatally shot four of his classmates in Oxford Township, Michigan. This event itself is chilling, though the events leading up to it make the situation

Rittenhouse Trial Sparks National Debate

18-Year-old Kyle Rittenhouse was tried and acquitted of all charges on Nov. 19 for his trial regarding the shooting of three men at a demonstration in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The demonstration was in support of a black man named Jacob

“Five-Day” Includes Friday

Lazy Fridays may be a thing of the past at St. Lawrence University. SLU will be offering and encouraging more Friday classes in the upcoming semesters to even out the academic week for students and make better use of the five-day

Abroad Programs & The Pandemic

St. Lawrence University’s study abroad program in Nairobi, Kenya, is owned and operated by the university. This gives the administration an advantage of full control when sending students there during the pandemic. “I think I’m


College Football Recap

The 2021-2022 college football season has been filled with ups and downs, turns and twists, as well as many exciting games. There is a great deal of college football news to discuss, including coaching moves, surprising upsets, and a

Patriots Bills Monday Night Football Recap

A stormy Monday night in Orchard Park, NY with weather that SLU students and Canton locals are all too familiar with: below freezing temperatures, snow, and wind gusts of up to 40 mph set the stage for

Athlete of the Week: Katie Frederick ‘22

1.      Class year?      2022   2.      Where are you from?     Sunapee, New Hampshire  3.    Favorite Food?      I love sandwiches.   4. How long have you been playing basketball?     Probably since third or 

2021 NHL Season Update

The 2021 NHL regular season has kicked off to an intriguing start with many storylines to follow and records to take note of. Two major offseason storylines were the expansion draft of the new Seattle Kraken team as well as the robust Jack