Family Weekend: How to Keep Your Parents Busy

Written by Hill News Staff

Family Weekend is fast approaching, and if your relatives are anything like mine, then it is a weekend you are both excited for and dreading. Family Weekend has the potential to be great fun, but external factors can sometimes inhibit the experience.

Family Weekend my first year on campus was a disaster. It was over 90 degrees out and my parents were miserable, as we were stuck on campus with nothing to do other than to hang out in the unventilated rooms in Whitman.

To help you avoid a similar predicament, here are some ideas of what you and your loved ones can do this weekend to avoid boredom.

For those of you looking for an easy outdoor adventure that won’t cause your father to complain about his aging knees, Lampson Falls is the place for you! Located about 20 minutes from campus, Lampson Falls is an easy 0.9-mile walk on level ground, leading to a series of breath-taking falls.

Those members of your family feeling the heat can then hike down to a sandy swimming area, with a full view of the falls from the opposite shore.

For families that are in search of something a bit longer, yet still within the easy-day hike category, there are two mountains within an hour’s distance that are worth checking out.

The easier of the two, Mount Arab, is located just outside of Tupper Lake and provides a wonderful view from the fire tower on its summit; the round trip hike is approximately two miles.

The slightly more challenging peak, Azure Mountain, is located closer to Saranac Lake, but is well worth the trip. The hike’s total distance comes in at around two miles as well, but it is coupled with some steeper grades than Mount Arab. The summit of Azure showcases the peak foliage in and around the area, and also offers views from a fire tower.

If your family is not into the hiking scene and prefers a more low-key, local treasure, hit up the Birchbark Bookshop in Potsdam. Only 25 minutes away from campus, this bookstore is a book-lovers’ hidden paradise, with rooms brimming to the top with every book imaginable.

The shop is only open on the weekends, but offers a refreshing respite from the humdrum of campus. An entire day could be filled with perusing the books in this store.

Families with younger kids in tow may want to spend some time bowling together at the Ogdensburg Bowling Alley, located a mere 30 minutes from campus; let your younger siblings, nieces, or nephews bowl their hearts out, while you and your parents enjoy a nice pitcher of PBR.

In addition to all the awesome off-campus activities, there’s also a ton of events happening on campus this weekend.

Although both men’s hockey games are sold out right now, there will be a limited number of tickets available on the night of the game.

If your parents desperately wanted to see a hockey game, but were unable to snag those tickets, make sure to get there bright and early to try to get the remaining few.

There are also many others SLU athletic events that you can go to and support with your “rents.” The women’s and men’s cross-country teams are hosting an invitational at 11 a.m.; field hockey is facing off against Union at 12 p.m.; men’s soccer is going head to head with RIT at 3 p.m.; and volleyball will be competing against RIT at 4 p.m.

These events will be especially fun as they are all Power of Pink events, with all proceeds raised benefitting the Gouverneur Breast Cancer Fund.

By Anne Buck.

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