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A Summer of Bad Moms and Cursed Children

Written by Sarah Richer

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Honestly, who did not miss St. Lawrence this summer? If you say that you did not, you are either lying or were one of the lucky few that got to spend the summer on campus having one of the amazing internships or fellowships available to students. I was a mere 20 minutes away from campus for the summer and I still found myself missing it.

The environment at St. Lawrence just cannot be replicated anywhere else. The holding of doors for fellow students, the amount of pure joy you get when your Pub order is ready, the excitement at all of the sporting events, the late nights of procrastinating with your roommates to watch a random video from 2009 (because homework is overrated, right?), and the relief you feel when you finally finished that paper an hour before it’s due. These are the feelings and experiences that I missed while working all summer.

So what does a SLUdent do during the summer to fill this void? While some people hike, swim, or spend all day at the beach, there are others who fill the gap with movies, books, and Netflix (although you may apply to both). For those of you who spent your summer outdoors or the sun, here are some things you may have missed.

Among the list above, I found myself missing a feeling I thought I never would, the brisk winter air. Let us be honest, it was a hot long summer and since I was not spending it at the beach, I needed to stay cool inside. In order to try and replicate this feeling a few seasons in advance and hide from that summer sun (my friends can attest to my lack of summer glow), I decided to escape to the movie theater and sit directly under the industrial air conditioner.

Before I could sit and enjoy the buttery smell and sticky floors of the local movie theater, I had to choose what movie to see. After much influence from my friend, it was decided that I would be watching Bad Moms.

For those who have not seen it, add it to your list of 2k16 must-see summer movies. While sitting through the movie, crying from either the pure comedy of it or the middle aged women sitting ahead of me screaming, “This is my life!” I came to a revelation about my future. This too was also going to be my life. I am going to be a helicopter PTA mom, hopefully with not as much drama and cupcake fights as these women had even though the rivalry recruiting parties seemed to spark my interest.

The movie centers on Mila Kunis’ character after her husband cheats on her and she decides she is tired of being a ‘good mom.’ In her completely crazy and fun new life, she makes new friends, learns how to stand her ground, and drinks her fair share of wine (something we all need). While I am hoping that being a PTA mom does not involve having your husband cheat on you and having an underpaid job at a hip coffee company, if life leads me to be a bad mom like Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, or Kathryn Hahn, or having cute yet brutally honest kids like they do, I guess I would not complain!

If movies were not your thing this summer but books were, then you definitely picked up J.K. Rowling’s new book, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. If you have not read it, I would not get too overly excited. While the text itself has no problems, rather than being a book, it is a stage play so it is written as so, and the play itself was written by Jack Thorne adapted from Rowling’s books.

The play tells the story of Harry Potter’s son, Albus, and his struggle dealing with a family history he never asked for. Through unexpected plotlines and bumps in the road, everyone comes to realize that darkness comes from places you would least expect it. If you are in need of a copy of The Cursed Child then head on over to our bookstore and pick one up. If you can wait until November 3rd when the movie hits the Winston Room then you can view it then while enjoying some popcorn.

While these are only two of many things you may have missed this summer, they are two things you should definitely consider catching up on while you start of your semester already procrastinating.

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