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The Sundials Lighting Campus Up

Written by Robert Davies

Photo via Kelsey Mattison

There is an array of performing groups on campus, from a cappella to dancing to acting. But there is also an all-female singing duo on campus that everyone should check out. They held a concert on Friday, March 3 at Pub 56, which had a great turnout. But who is this group?

Meet The Sundials. They are a new group on campus made up of Lexie Perlow ‘19 and Amanda Brooks ‘17. They both live in the Arts Annex, which is where the idea for the band originated. “We sat down together during mid-semester break in the fall and decided to work on a couple of hymns, just to see how our voices worked together. We ended up being able to blend really well and created some really cool harmonies,” they said. From there, they “decided to continue singing together, and have been ever since.” Additionally, they “love listening to girl bands and doing covers of their music” and “saw a lack of girl bands on campus and wanted to fill that gap.” Amanda also saw an opportunity to pursue something she enjoys: “I’m not in any singing groups on campus but love to sing, so I really wanted to do something musical on my own.” She saw The Sundials as a “perfect opportunity” for her.

Every good band must have a good name, and the right name. The name Sundials was inspired by a chance encounter. “Over winter break, we went to visit some friends in Connecticut and at a rest stop somewhere along the way we parked right in front of a light post.” This light post contained a variety of stickers, one of which read “Sundials.” The name stood out for being “folky.”

Folky is definitely the vibe given off by The Sundials. On Friday, their set list consisted of “Down in the River,” “Everything Looks Better in Hindsight,” “Love we are Love,” and “In the Long Run,” among others. They sang a total of ten songs, all of which were covers.

They were both satisfied with how the concert turned out. “It looked like at least 25 people came, which was awesome to see. We weren’t really sure what to expect…but it was nice to see our friends bring others along.” They also added that “Pub 56 is a really cool venue” that creates an environment for people to relax and eat while listening.

As far as future plans go; The Sundials say they do not have any dates set yet, but they are working on new music. They also encourage anyone to attend future shows.

Be on the lookout for any upcoming performances, it will be well worth your time to check them out!


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