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This week, I was going to write about my spring break visiting lifelong friends in the fun-fueled place of Colorado more specifically CU Boulder. But neh, my friends, those stories will have to wait. I want to write about something, no someplace, close to my heart. It may be a place that some of you find near and dear to your heart. In any matter, it is a place that throughout my four years here has given me immense joy and great memories. This place that  I am talking about is 50 park street. For seven years, 50 park street has been the home to the Habitat for Humanity house. For four years it has been my second home. I have met my closest confidants at this house. When I was a lowly freshman, lost in a world of thinking I could actually pick up a varsity sport and succeed, the Habitat members took me in and gave me a reality check. You may be wondering why I am writing about a house that I do not even belong to. Well, it’ is because, and I say this with a heavy heart, next year 50 park will no longer be Habi. I will not delve into details but I guess what I am getting at here is, how do you take away the home of a club whose mission is to build, provide, and in all general definitions of the words, housing those in need? It is almost as if this is a practical joke, but no one is laughing, literally no one. I mean not even a pity ‘lol’ can be heard.

Habitat provided me with a home once when I was confused and trying to be someone, something that I am just not. Habitat, especially the seniors at the time, took me in and gave me shelter from my really shady existence. I met people who have gotten me to where I am today. If this is a matter of the upkeep of a home, I would like to throw out there, and I am saying this from experience, that please, PLEASE enter any dorm, maybe not that new one down yonder, but any dorm, suite hall, or wherever you go out this Sunday morning and I will pay you $1 if you can say that the place is spotless. No house on the block is perfect. I mean, every house has holes, cracks, chipped paint, and so on, but coming from a vacation at a school where NO ONE LIVES ON CAMPUS every house I stepped foot in had much worse… much worse done to it. Also, for anyone who has never lived in a theme house or even a house with other people, every year is different and how are you going to take away the home from new members. THEY HAVEN’T EVEN HAD TIME TO GET THE PLACE EVEN DIRTIER THAN IT WAS TO BEGIN WITH. I am sorry I am yelling. Really, I am, but someone once said to me that the problem with our generation is that we just do not have the good ol’ fight in us. They told me that we do not care anymore about anything enough to fight for it. I care about a few things in life that I would fight for, family, friends, my fanny pack collection, my homes, and this school. I am in a predicament here folks because the way I see it is two of the things I would fight for are not adding up. I want to yell RAH RAH but right now my heart is saying, HOLD UP, my school did what to my home? Therein lies the predicament. St. Lawrence has given me my education and the ability to have multiple homes on campus. Homes in which I have been able to find my friends and my fellow students who have given me my memories. The math seems off.

I have been lucky to not have to go through the housing process of this school for the last three years but now as I sit as a senior I look back and realize that the math is seriously off. For a house like habitat who has an almost full turnover coming up it seems odd to me that anyone would, till a few days before room draw, inform a home they no longer have a roof over their heads. It seems that this should have been communicated pretty loudly at a prior time. But hey what do I know, what do the alumni of the house know…

I chose St. Lawrence because I liked the way I felt when I first stepped on campus. I stayed at St. Lawrence because of the community here. I am having a tough time with that last part right now because I feel as if the community is being torn down right before my eyes. I could not imagine not mentioning the people and memories that the Habi House has given me when talking about my time at this school years from now. It has been my second home, my safe place, and my family, do not take it away without at least hearing us out for once. Come on, were just trying to have fun, do good, and put on our pants one leg at a time here. Give us our home.

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