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Projectile Rainbows and Heat-Shaped Tears Never Looked so Good

Written by Alexandra Price

Team Snapchat released an update on Sept. 15 with the introduction of three new features  to the selfie-driven social media app: lenses, trophies, and paid replays.

Snapchat introduced its lenses, as a new way of self-expression. Cartoon characters are placed on your face exposing a different identity and emotion to your persona.

In order to access the lenses, you press and hold your finger on your face while taking a selfie. Lenses will automatically activate and a selection toolbar will appear at the bottom of your screen. You will have the option of choosing between seven new snap expressions.

Snap lenses include a creepy blue moustache-faced character, a lens where you are on the cover of a magazine, an angry steam-breathing face, a comic lens where it looks like you are getting slapped in the face, a foggy lens, a love struck lens, and a cracked screen lens.

Snapchat originally introduced a rainbow-breathing lens, a horror lens, and a robot lens but recently took those off the application. The three lenses were removed simply because new lenses have been added, according to IGN News Freelancer Seth Macy.

Snapchat will continue to produce new lens updates so expect to continuously see previous lenses disappearing. The rainbow-breathing lens was the most popular lens when the original Snapchat update engulfed campuses all over the world.

“I am devastated by the disappearance of the rainbow lens,” Montana Mazario ’15 says. “It was by far the best lens and I don’t think Snapchat will ever be the same again.” Hopefully Snapchat will create lenses in the future that will have a similar lasting affect on users.

The second most exciting aspect about the new Snapchat update, is the Trophy Cabinet. Every snapper has their own Trophy Cabinet where snap awards will be stored. The Trophy Cabinet will award snappers trophies whenever certain milestones have been reached or certain goals are achieved.

This new feature gives snappers the ability to view their “score” in two unique ways (the old numbers way, and by the new Trophy Cabinet). You can access your Trophy Cabinet by clicking the Snapchat icon at the top of your screen when you are in the app on camera mode.

The final addition to the Snapchat Update is the option to pay for replays. This is Snapchat’s first in-app purchase. At $0.99 you can now pay to replay three new snaps a day. This new feature gives users the ability to re-live those amazing moments just one more time before they disappear. Each snap can be replayed exactly once re-gardless of how many replays are available.

The St. Lawrence community has mixed feelings about the new Snapchat update. Some students like it, while others do not.

“I think the new Snapchat is a funny and interesting way to interact with your friends,” Scott Shouvlin ’15 says. “It gives some excitement to the snaps.”

Alex Godfrey ’15 agrees that the new Snapchat update “allows people to express their emotions in a creative new way.” She likes it because now she can convey her feelings or emotions with an animated style.

In contrast, Celia Fleckner ’15 thinks the update is annoying and pointless, but finds that it can be funny at times.

Greg Reiss ’15 agrees with Fleckner.

“It is scary for the young mind,” Reiss remarks.

“Everyone is snapping these days,” Annie Wilcox ’17 says. “Meanwhile, I can’t even get my update to work!”

The nice thing about the new update is that the old features are still available, so if you don’t like the update then it is possible to ignore it and continue to use the older settings. Snappers still have access to the audio & video settings, the variety of filters, and the all the other previous features.

Snap away, Saints!



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