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Letter to the Editor

Welcome back to SLU everyone. I am replacing Drew Watson as the Editor of Opinions, and am very excited to bring together engaging and thought-provoking content from a variety of students. After a very intriguing summer of news, I am confident that there is going to be a diverse array of topics and ideas to write about. My goal for this section is to provide fresh perspectives and encourage writers to take risks and even write what might be unpopular opinions.

My firm belief is that as long as an argument is backed up by facts and reason, then it deserves to be respected and listened to. What I love most about writing for the Opinions section is articulating viewpoints contrary to popular campus opinion because disagreement and civil debate are more enjoyable than just reiterating what people generally believe. Personally, I am libertarian leaning, but I always enjoy reading a wide variety of news and opinions from the HuffPost to the National Review. If a piece is written respectfully and with good intent, I will never turn down content as long as there is room for it.

For anyone who is interested in writing an opinion piece, email me at to add you to the email list. I welcome writers of all ability levels and perspectives. Regardless of class year or major, your voice is equally welcome here. You can write as little as just one article or as much as once a week. If there is a local, state, or national event you want to write about, this section is a perfect place to express your viewpoints.

Topics about campus like opinions on meal plans, Thelmo affairs, or any issues about student life are highly encouraged as well. In addition to the serious opinion pieces, some of my favorite articles are satire. If you have ever been interested in doing content similar to The Onion or Clickhole, this is the section to be writing for. I look forward to working with lots of talented writers this year.



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