I Think, Therefore I Am…Not Republican.

Written by Mike Gagliardi

Donald Trump — with his endless, languid libels against the truth, appalling incompetence, and fascinating ignorance; his warm relationships with treason, racism, and nepotism; and his documented predilection for sexual assault — proves that one simply cannot be a morally serious or responsible citizen and call oneself Republican.

Indeed, membership to the Republican Party requires one to either accept or acquiesce to Trump. In other words, one has to be either a proud supporter of his brainless governance and demented screeds, or a spineless maggot, silently feasting off the flesh of his rotten politics in the name of party loyalty or tax-cuts. Both species of Republican are equally bad. Since all bearers of the Republican name are complicit in Trumpism, they all share his shame. This includes “moderate” Republicans, who are extinct anyways. You are either for Trump or against him. Those for him cannot be considered moderate, and those against him cannot now be considered Republican. And no, John McCain and Susan Collins and Jeff Flake are not quite moderate, nor worthy of special praise, for voicing little concern over Trump’s abilities or for refusing to support their party’s “healthcare” bills, which were willful acts of cruelty and amateurism. All honorable conservatives, like George Will, have abandoned ship, and it has already sunk.

Both its leader and offspring, Trump evinces the GOP’s foul lurch towards radical stupidity. Unlike decades past, this conservative tribe is led not by sophists like William F. Buckley, who at least feigned erudition, but by proud crackpots and windbags, like Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity — a breed deaf to facts and hollow in principle. Their racket has brainwashed the Republican base into one monad, obsessed with the mawkish claptrap called our national anthem and with bringing assault-rifles to K-Mart. Awoken by Fox News, this latent strain of unlettered lunacy in Republican discourse has come to assert itself as dominant. Republican politics has become the art of primitive reflexes against the gradual declension of white-androcracy, federal largesse, minority uplift, and people wanting to use the bathroom of their choosing. It now stands for nothing more than credulous jingoism and preserving our freedom to die without proper medical care. Its fat-bellied talk-radio-show leaders will parrot any platitude and purchase any pickup-truck to remain in power. This fascistic alt-right fraternity has forfeited its right to be considered a “party” with any seriousness. From their obstinate denial of scientific consensuses, to shrill rants against peaceful protests, to their public disdain for bipartisan matters — sorry, Merrick Garland — the GOP serves to injure democracy and keep our domestic cattle dumb.

The time is gone when the GOP could choose to occlude Trump from power or alienate him from the party and still maintain a crumb of dignity. A respectable creed would have done so by now. This one has abandoned virtue. Rather than embrace the moderate, intellectual conservatism of recent past, it chose instead to capitulate to backwoods vermin, privileging power above principle and progress. Bovine bigots and theocratic bullies now control American politics. The damage done, and the damage to come, by these enemies of civilization will live after them.

It has become clearer now than ever that the Republican Party of “family values,” “principles,” and “fiscal responsibility” is a bare-faced swindle. When the leader of the GOP and President of the United States — or hegemon of the hicks — makes Barry Goldwater seem prudent, and Joseph McCarthy cool and collected, the time has come for all thinking people to divorce themselves from all things Republican. I don’t care if you “don’t agree with 100% of the things Trump says.” The Republican Racket emits a reeking fetor suffocating to all people of principle and decency, and all its members share its stench.

By Mike Gagliardi.

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