SLU’s 35th Annual Peak Weekend Ensues.

This weekend marks the 35th annual Peak Weekend, hosted and organized by the Outing Club. Peak Weekend is an event where St. Lawrence students summit all 46 high peaks in the Adirondack Park in one single autumn weekend.

The hikes range from day trips closer to campus to 20-plus mile overnight and multiday excursions. Popular trips include the six mile twin summits of Cascade and Porter and the more challenging high peaks located in the Great Range Trail of Keene Valley.

The trips are led by members of the Outing Club, who plan and coordinate the big weekend and events leading up to it.

A few days before the weekend begins, the Outing Club holds an information session where details of each hike are discussed, so students can sign up for a peak they feel comfortable committing to.

The Outing Club encourages anyone interested to participate no matter their experience level, since there are a variety of hikes offered. All O.C. members have extensive hiking experience and the required wilderness knowledge to safely lead trips.

The Outing Club also follows park regulations, which state that day trips can have no more than ten people in a group, while a multiday hike is capped off at eight people.

The Adirondack Park has recently experienced accelerated levels of erosion and other forms of environmental degredation. The cap on the number of allotted spaces demonstrates an effort to protect the trails integral to the Peak Weekend experience.

Peak Weekend is one of the Outing Club’s most established and cherished traditions. The event grows in popularity each year, with more and more eager hikers wanting to participate and see spectacular views.

According to Outing Club member Jay Kraunelis ’18, “The best part about Peak Weekend is getting 200+ students into the Adirondack Park during peak foliage season! It is a great first introduction to hiking as well as a chance for experienced hikers to hike a high peak that they haven’t bagged yet.”

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