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St. Baldrick’s Sponors Buzz for a Cure

Photo Courtesy of Pre-Health Club

By Kailash Heron, Staff Writer
Emma Cummings-Krueger, News Co-Editor

On Saturday February 28, St. Lawrence will be hosting the annual St. Baldrick’s Clips for Cancer Event in the Winston Room. Every year the St. Baldrick Foundation raises money and awareness for childhood cancer research through donations and head shaving events, with over 1,300 events across the United States.

The foundation outlines voluntarily shaving your head, which not only demonstrates support for those suffering from childhood cancer but also is an incredibly effective tool to raise awareness on the issue. Since 2005, over $100 million dollars has been raised by various annual events across the country with 100% of the profits being put towards funding for life saving cancer research. St. Baldrick’s mission is to address the lack of funding for childhood cancer research in the United States. Today, only 4% of federal funding for cancer research is allocated to childhood cancer, creating a substantial funding gap.

Morgan O’Hare ’16, a two-year organizer of the event through her role in Pre-Health Club, was a featured speaker at the 2014 Clips for Cancer event. “That was the first time I had ever publicly shared my story about my personal fight with cancer. The most special moment for me was to see support from our community,” said O’Hare. “I believe it is incredibly important for this event to come to SLU each year. It is a chance to show compassion for those who are suffering and we shave our heads in solidarity as a way to show our support for finding a cure.” This year, O’Hare intends to continue her involvement with the event; “Last year’s Clips for Cancer was so moving and I will never forget it. I can’t wait for this year!”

Currently, Amanda Korb ’18 has fundraised extensively in anticipation of shaving her head this February. Korb credits her success to the use of social media. Through Facebook, she has been able to spread the message and solicit donations from friends and family. Previously having donated over 17 inches of her hair, Korb is not all nervous about shaving her head. When asked by peers how she is brave enough to drastically alter her appearance, she wants everyone to know that true bravery lies with those fighting cancer everyday.

For those students interested in participating in the event, you can register as an individual or with a group of friends via the St. Baldrick’s Foundation website where you can develop a profile and begin fundraising efforts. On campus, the Pre-Health Club is in charge of organization, and more information can be found on their Facebook page. This year the club hopes to raise 12 thousand dollars in donations. In order to reach this campus wide goal, the Pre-Health club encourages all members of the St. Lawrence community to participate. “Students can support this event not only through donations, but coming to our event on February 28th in the Winston Room!” said O’Hare. With three weeks until the event, there is plenty of time to solicit donations and make this St. Baldrick’s event a success.

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