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“Fuller House” Season Three Dissapoints

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Written by Sarah Richer

Season three of “Fuller House” premiered on Netflix last Friday. However, if you are like me, you have already binge watched the mere nine episodes released. In a way, it was good Netflix only decided to have a small number of episodes this season because I do not think I could handle anymore disappointment.

From the very first episode, it was easy to tell that Season three was going to be a fail. It started with a musical number, but not in the cool Uncle Jesse way. It was a weird attempt at a Broadway musical, which, sad to say, was not the only one throughout the season. If that was not enough to make you stop watching, then there were plenty more events in the season that would make you want to switch shows or fall asleep.

The plot of all the episodes is rather boring. DJ’s and Kimmy’s kids face minor problems that are easily resolved by the parents and/or Danny Tanner. For example, DJ’s son experiences his first break up, which is fixed with the old lecture, “there are plenty of fish in the sea.” Due to the fact that the main point of the show is the children’s problems, it makes the show rather dull and childish for viewers, like myself, who are just trying to get their fix of the Tanner family.

Although the show is rather predictable, there were some aspects and adult issues brought up. The same issue in past seasons of Stephanie’s inability to have a baby is resolved with the help of Rebecca. However, this brought up a problem as she did not want her child having Gibbler genes (understandable). Speaking of the Gibblers, the viewers finally get to see the inside of their house for the very first time after Fernando, Kimmy’s husband, buys the house. The inside is shocking. It is basically a fun house with games and clowns and all sorts of out of place things, kind of like the Gibblers. It was interesting to see, even though it was totally unbelievable that this would have looked anything like the house in the original “Full House.”

The season concludes on an airplane, where the family is traveling to Japan for Steve’s wedding. DJ accidentally professes her love for Steve, and Matt (DJ’s current boyfriend) tells Stephanie he is going to propose to DJ. This is where the season finally got good, but that is where it abruptly ended.

Season three was such a disappointment to viewers who were only watching the show because they wanted to see the old characters. They did not play as much of a role this season, which basically ruined “Fuller House” for me. However, there will be a season four and I will regretfully watch it because I just have to know if DJ and Steve end up together (Go Team Steve!). So Netflix, just give us what we all really want, more of Danny Tanner, Uncle Jesse, and the lovable Joey up to their old antics again.

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