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I Mustache You a Question…



As the weather cools and the last of the leaves begin to drop, gray skies abound. This October was sultry and stormy, full of rainy days and blustery, cold weather. Now that November is here, you may naturally be wondering what an adventurous spirit is wont to do in the dark days between peak foliage and first snowfall. The canoe shack is finally closed, and the last of the oak leaves are bright yellow to brown, cutting a stark contrast against glowing light gray skies. The tops of high peaks are sprinkled with snow like gold bond on a butt cheek. Stick season is finally here to stay. The Month of Movember is upon us.

For those who are new to this special season, Movember is a time to celebrate the deep dark hairy depths of our souls. No-shave November has started, and I hope you have all been preparing. As the esteemed JP Carey has said, “It’s totally fair to pre-game your moustache.” This is a time when brave members of our campus community of all ages and creeds will venture forth and cultivate the wild, untamed garden that is the upper lip. Why, you might ask? To demonstrate support and solidarity for victims of Prostate Cancer as well as its Research Efforts. And to sport a ridiculous peach fuzz, handlebar, goatee, lamp shade etc. because, as any decent 1970’s porn star will tell you, anyone can dig a mustache.

What does this have to do with the outdoors? Absolutely nothing. Except, that while you are waiting for ski season, you can put all of that pent up passion and soul into a new look. You can even take your moustache with you when you go outside. It does have to do with a very special event, called the Moustache Ride. This event is a spectacle in which moustachioed people (real or otherwise) coalesce and ride on wheels of all kinds around campus. What does this have to do with fun? Absolutely everything. So go on, let it grow.

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Rebecca Doser '16

My name is Rebecca Doser and I am a sophomore at St. Lawrence University. I am an English Creative Writing major and am involved in various extracurricular activities such as the Women's Volleyball Team, The Hill News, The St. Lawrence Review, the Thelmathesian Society, and the Student Athletic Advisory Committee