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Theme House Corner: The Green House

Written by Hill News Staff

Oh hey what’s up St. Lawrence? My name is Jack Gillooly, I’m a junior, and I’m here to chat a little bit about what makes the Greenhouse objectively the best theme house on campus. We’re an eclectic group of kids, but we all share a love for the outdoors and doing what we can to keep it around.

Our mission is promote sustainable behavior to the students, staff, and faculty of the University. Among larger events that we put on annually, like Pumpkinpalooza and the North Country Folk Festival, we run workshops once or twice a week that teach folks how to do things for themselves. Popular workshops in the past have included cheesemaking, deodorant making, mushroom identification walks, and even repurposing old clothing to tear it up at wet hot. It’s some real good stuff, we have a real neat time and get the chance to hang out with a ton of cool people around campus that we wouldn’t have had the chance to otherwise meet.

Perhaps the thing we get most excited about as a house is a little shindig we like to call “Greenhouse dinners.” Every three weeks, we do a dinner signup on Sunday. If your name is chosen, you get to pick a day, Monday through Thursday, to come by the house and eat a delicious meal cooked up by a few house members, and you come on your chosen day for three weeks. Meals are entirely vegetarian, and we always accommodate to any and all allergies or preferences people have. A majority of the ingredients come from Birdsfoot farm, where we volunteer in exchange for a CSA. Our vegetables are always fresh and we’ve been told it’s a real nice change from the cost, and crowd of Dana.

If any of this cool stuff sounds interesting to you, hit me up on my snapchat or twitter (@jackgillooly) and ask to be put on the listserv, or just shout your email or question to one of the attractive / intelligent kids sitting on the porch, and you’ll be set for life with veggies, weird homemade toothpaste and folk music bouncing around the inside of your head.

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