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Theme House Corner: The Hub

Written by Ellie Jeffers

What can I say about the Hub?

We’re a theme house and club. This spring will be our 12th anniversary as a theme, and this fall we usher in a new generation of the Hub family. With 17 house members, we’re full of ideas and creativity that help our club continue to thrive.

Overnight in late October, 1 Lincoln St. is transformed into a nightmarish wonderland of trash bag walls, fake blood, and strobe lights. We have four scare levels: kid scary, normal scary, super scary, and the scariest of all, O.C. scary (yes, named after the Outing Club). Kid scary usually just has the actors staring creepily at guests, while O.C. scary involves someone being sacrificed on our pool table. It’s an event that takes months of physical planning and mental preparation. We work with a tight budget and are always on the lookout for anyone who wants to join. We’re all amateur actors when it comes to scaring people, but we love dressing up in costumes and working together to run a real haunted house. The smiles of the Canton families with their kids in Halloween costumes is a bonus, too.

“Our game nights are probably my favorite event,” Haley Gregorich ’19 says, looking up from her book. “I think we have a lot of video games that students don’t have access to on campus.” We have at least one game night every semester. We bring out consoles like the WiiU and Xbox to the Winston Room and let anyone who wants to play join in. For a more nostalgic time, we also bring out the Nintendo64 for classic Mario Cart and Smash.

I would list all of our events, but you’ll just need to keep an eye out for them. We also have some favorite Hub past times that keep us relaxed and/or procrastinating.

“It wouldn’t be the Hub without D&D,” says Guinevere Gilman ’19. The classical table top RPG Dungeons & Dragons has blessed our house for years. As I write this, someone is writing their first character sheet in the lounge. We have several groups playing every week, and our Dungeon Masters, Austen Sprake ’18 and Miguel Fernandez ’18, are always looking to make new sessions. Even if you’ve never played before, we always welcome new players.

“I really want to bring back YouTube Roulette,” Cameron Dehais ’19 tells me in passing. The chill house game is exactly how it sounds. Everyone writes down titles for three YouTube videos, and we watch all of them at random, no matter how cringe worthy or disturbing they might be. I can tell you that I’ve seen videos from this that have changed me as a person.

We’re the Hub, a bunch of writers, philosophers, chemists, artists, actors, lovers, fighters, and dreamers. We’re a family, and I’m glad I can say, as a senior, that I found a family at SLU, especially this one.

Come stop by, hang out with us, and get your nerd on!


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