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Park Street Post: The Hub

Written by Ellie Jeffers

Photo via Kelsey Mattison

Nerds? Geeks? Freaks? That’s the Hub for you. I knew that when I first moved into 1 Lincoln my sophomore year, and I haven’t looked back since.

Originally  an afterhours IT group formed in 2006, the Hub is an all-inclusive space for those who enjoy nerd, geek, and pop-culture. No, we’re not shut-ins who are always glued to a screen. We’ve got Hubbers on Thelmo, on sports teams, and leading a number of clubs and organizations. You can spot us around campus wearing black shirts with our long-time logo, the green power symbol.

We transform this place we call our “home away from home” into our annual Haunted House to scare anyone brave enough to enter and face the horrors of 1 Lincoln. If you look closely, you might see the spirit of Florence Lee Whitman, the daughter of a former President of SLU, passing by the second floor windows clad in white and red. The Hub Ghost is benevolent but still adds the perfect spooky ambiance for our guests every October. All of our actors and techs are tired as hell after the two days of non-stop work, but it’s one of our favorite events every year. I lost my voice for a week while working the last two years (I’m a screamer), but I’ll gladly lose my voice again next year!

The Hub also hosts Winston Room Game Night two Saturdays per semester. We provide gaming consoles like the WiiU and Nintendo64 for anyone who wants to play some video games, both new and classic. Come play a few rounds of Just Dance while you wait for Java to get started or join a game of 8-player Super Smash Bros. We’ll be set up and ready this Saturday night!

Remember seeing groups of people running around campus with green bandanas? Yeah, that’s another one of our events: Humans vs Zombies! Simply put, HvZ is a week-long game of tag where you should trust no one, not even yourself. Humans run/hide from zombies while pelting them with marshmallows and (supposedly clean) socks, and zombies attack humans until they get them all. Once, a group of zombies ambushed one human, and he ended up trapped in Sykes for 3+ hours. Another zombie jumped off a low roof and tagged a whole group of humans, and now we have the Thomas Ball ’15 Rule: no jumping off of roofs, trees, or moving vehicles. We had a great turnout last semester with over 40 participants, and we’re hosting another game this semester. Info sessions will be the week of the 17, and the game will begin April 24.

In a usual week, we play a few sessions of D&D, do a little bit of karaoke, maybe watch some movies in the lounge (binge night, anyone?), and discuss every new plot twist and character development in our favorite series. We’re always down to chill.

Stop by, hang out with us, and get your nerd on! The Hub – Sundays @ 7 PM.

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