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Bachelorette of the Week: Liz Miller

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Zodiac Sign: Pisces


Hometown: Woodstock, VT


Major: PCA


Tick Tock or Java? Tick Tock. I like to dance. I can’t dance to the Java music.


Tinder or Bumble? Tinder


What is your spirit animal? Sloth.


What are your best traits? I’m good at defusing situations with humor. I took a buzzfeed quiz the other day and that’s what it told me. Sydney also told me i’m outgoing and a great friend.


What is the soundtrack to your life? The entire Hamilton soundtrack. All 42 songs.


What are your hobbies? Porch sitting, posting up at the bar on weird days of the week,  and Instagram.


What is your favorite drunk food? Nachos. A KDS special. We make some LIT nachos.


Plan a date in the North Country: Go canoeing at the canoe shack with a pitcher of margaritas, then head to Jake’s on the water and sit outside on a nice night.


Do you have any dating advice for the men/women at SLU? Don’t do it.


What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done at SLU? 3am dance party at 13. Then I stole a sign from them.


How could a possible mate get your attention? A good old wink across the room. Winking never fails.


What three qualities do you look for in a partner? Must be taller than 6’0 because i’m 5’9, and It’s just annoying if they’re shorter when I wear heels. Also humor and a solid trust fund.


If you could have a beer with anyone- living or dead- who would you choose? Joe Biden.


What are you passionate about? Right now i’m passionate about branding and higher education.


What is one thing on your bucket list you need to do before you graduate SLU? Steal a stool from the Hoot Owl. I work there though so that could get tricky.


What are your plans after graduation? The dark abyss


How can someone get in touch with you after reading this in the paper Friday morning? Add me on LinkedIn.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten or a motto that you live by? Brett McCormack- Let’s gooooooo.


What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you working at the bar? One time a Canton local asked me if he could pay by giving me his phone number. Also a pub worker told me his name was John Cena and wouldn’t leave me alone one night.


Biggest slu regret-  Letting Ben Woodbury slip away.


If you could grab a drink at the hoot with anyone who would it be? P. Fox… wait no Lynn Fox. She’s probably more badass than him. She’s a wealth of knowledge. I could learn a lot.


Any advice for underclassmen? Just say yes. You can sleep when you’re dead.


Anything else? Andrew Kimbell for life.

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