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Storm Causes Loss of 1:1 Student-to-Tree Ratio

Written by Katie Wilson

St. Lawrence has always been able to pride itself on its love for tits students, a love that, up until recently, flowed palpably on our beautiful campus. With the recent snowstorms, however, SLU has lost an integral part of this love: our 1:1 tree-to-student ratio.

The multiple feet of snow that engulfed our campus in the week prior to spring break wreaked havoc. As the email sent out by Safety & Security indicated, campus walkways became danger zones, as trees all over became susceptible to the high winds howling through Canton, NY. Multiple trees fell, including the beautiful red maple that was once found on the entrance to the campus from Park Street, rendering our former 1:1 tree-to-student ratio null and void.

Now, rather than having 2,464 trees and students on St. Lawrence campus, we have a mere 2,397. Thus, we are at a pivotal moment in our campus’ history. Whereas we, as Laurentians, could once brag of our 1:1 ratio of trees to students, we can no longer do so; this not only compromises our bragging rights, but also the sanctity of our institution.

As I write this, I look out upon our now dreary campus with an expression of utter sadness. The 1:1 to tree-to-student ratio was the sole reason I attached myself to SLU so early on in the college search process. As a senior in a North Country high school, I knew that I had to find a campus that would adequately resemble my tree-ridden hometown.

I know that I am not the only person feeling the after-shocks of this great tragedy. According to the Tree-to-Student Ratio Office, nearly 300 SLU students have been in a frenzy about the loss of their precious trees. Parents have been calling nonstop, and over 30 students have already put in their transfer applications, citing a loss of trees as their main reason for desiring to leave.

Aspen Beech ’17 states: “I used to hold SLU in such high regard. This school and I have been through so much together, but I no longer feel valued here on campus without a tree to represent me. I know that I am worth at least one tree, but now I must find that tree elsewhere.”

Due to recent events, all prospective student days have been canceled for the near future. Tours are on hold, and even the recent acceptance letters are in talks of being rescinded, granted the school is unable to plant more trees before the arrival of first-years in August.

If you have any siblings or friends who are still interested in coming to SLU despite this tragedy, please assure them that everyone in administration is diligently working to generate a 1:1 ratio of squirrels to students.

If you are interested in helping this new project, please head to your residence hall’s main common area, where squirrel- breeding workshops will be held every Wednesday over the course of the next six weeks.

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