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Wild Adriatic Brings Down the House

Photo Courtesy of Rolling Stone
Written by Will Havens

As their name implies, Wild Adriatic ensured a wild night this past Thursday. With wailing riffs and booming percussion, the Saratoga Springs natives put on a show Java patrons aren’t likely to forget. The three person ensemble was comprised of Travis Gray on vox & guitar, Rich Derbyshire on Bass, and Mateo Vosganian on the drums.

The power trio has been traveling for the past few years in search of banging heads and free hugs. Their Facebook proudly states that the band’s interests are “hugs, high fives, and discovering the meaning of life,” and that’s a sentiment that brings great comfort to this humble columnist.

It goes without saying that the Java Barn is a goldmine when it comes to warm pleasantries, such as hugs and high fives. I can say with confidence that I’ve partaken in the aforementioned pleasures and I’ll be damned if I don’t do it again. But have we done our part in discovering the meaning of life?

Anyone can leave a Java show, particularly after having a conversation with Alex Andrews ’18, thinking that they have discovered the meaning of life. But are these feelings truly authentic? Sure, the intoxicated mind can feign meaning behind just about anything on a night out. Have you ever had a conversation with someone on the verge of a black out? It’s fascinating how quickly one can be wrapped up in pseudo-significance.

But beyond all the glitter and solo cups, caked atop our ever-peeling cement floors, perhaps lies a new concept we need to reacquaint ourselves with. It isn’t the sweat droplets, nor the dribble of brimming red cups. It’s not the spit, mucus, blood, and other elements of nastiness that, unfortunately, are just as prevalent as we wouldn’t like to think they are. Perhaps the meaning I’m getting at is what is painted across the stage: Java Love. It’s a new year at Java, and like any cycle of life, things are going to change.

I’m met with an entirely new audience than I was when I made my initial appearance at Java the first Saturday of Fall ’14. There are hundreds of sweaty faces out there every weekend, some new, some regulars, and a few much appreciated blasts from the past. One thing that is constant at Java is the 13 lovingly lovely Java staff members.  So what am I asking? Return the love we give out to all of you lovingly lovely folk. Java is a living, breathing college student utopia, and through disrespect and negligence, we can have it all slip through our fingers. Java love baby, Java love.

To bring this column to a close, I’d like to remark that the show you witnessed last night, Mister F, will not be the only show for this weekend! Saturday, September 30 marks the great return of Java favorites Aqueous. These guys are the real deal, flaunting their own sound and light guy, they’re sure to put on a show that shouldn’t be missed. Rumor has it they’re also big advocates of Meat Club, so maybe check out SLU Meat Club on Facebook for more info in that regard.

Ovum Exprimendum!

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