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Hayley Jane and the Primates Go Wild at Java

Written by Will Havens

Java, you god damn jungle. The jungle of this Saturday contained more than the usual animalistic audience and feral fraternal families. No, this weekend the Java Jungle was visited by the notorious Hayley Jane and the primates who play alongside her. The great, furless gibbon displayed her dominance as the god-damn queen this past Saturday. The Boston-born band has been bringing about bountiful buzz, boldly brandishing a brutish, bell-bottom-ripping beat. They are the bees knees.

Hayley Jane and the Primates have been echoing around the Northeast for the past few years. They made their debut performance at Java last semester, indulging the grooving ganglians in an experience which drew influence from Rock, soul, and good old Americana. Hayley Jane, the band’s front woman, has a voice reminiscent of Janis Joplin. Joplin was certainly also in mind when this band went about fashioning their stage presence. The band would fit just as well on Woodstock’s stage as they did this past Saturday.

The band will be continuing on their tour down south as far as Washington, D.C. this upcoming week before they head out West. The band will be playing across ski towns, such as Winter Park and then Taos in New Mexico, right around the turn of December. Keep your eyes peeled for their announcement of their Spring Tour!, which should be some time in January.

Hayley Jane wasn’t the only band to play on campus this past weekend. The Outing Club’s Fall Fest, aided by Steve Yardley ’16 and his Jammbulance, brought in three performances this past weekend. The first two bands to perform were student bands. Mitzi and the Muffins was the first of the two. They are one of the first (if not the only) punk bands to ever grace St. Lawrence. They’ve just put out their first single “Swamp Kisses” on band camp and post content daily on their Instagram. Be sure to check them out. I’m a shameless plugger, but that shouldn’t take away from the upcoming burly buggers.

The second band to play was a band of many names. Many know them as “The 4 Skins,” but there are other aliases that follow the boys. “Little Red Rocket” was a name that had went as quickly as it came. Murmurs of “Turtle Neck Lads” had once plagued this campus,however, with a swift drop of wit this devolved into “Turtle Dick Boys.” What’s in the future for the Sheathed Swords? It’s always a prophecy of penis for these richards. While the name could become “Fleshy Frankfurts” or “Worm Collar Minstrels” you can be sure it’ll have something to do with their natural-styled appendages.

To bring this article to a close, I’d like to remind you all of what’s on the horizon: Gang of Thieves is playing TONIGHT! Yes! I know you are reading this on Friday, so don’t assume I intend to convey the date of which I wrote this (a Tuesday). The date is and remains to be TONIGHT FRIDAY THE 27. Coming up next week we have the Wilton, CT band Great Blue playing some guitar heavy funk.

Caprae Ubera!

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