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Written by Will Havens

Jumping Jiminy! Well if these past two weeks didn’t just get this hoity-doity college boy grooving again. Java made a loud impression on the student body, first opening up the new season with the band West End Blend. Originally West Hartford locals, the band has been cruising around the North East and other parts of the country, playing at festivals and city-venues alike. Their thundering funky riffs sent the crowd into pulsating hysterics. Their front-woman Erica T. Bryan harnessed their heavy groove with smoothly soulful lyrics.

This, of course, is not the first time West End Blend has graced the Java Barn with their presence. They just so happened to kick off last year’s spring semester as well! Local Cantonites and Sluvians alike rejoiced at their return. If you were planning on seeing the band again in the future, consider joining the Java House at Wormtown Trading Co. music festival in Greenfield, MA. By the time you read this article Wormtown will have already begun, so get your ass movin’ Massward!

The West End Blend wasn’t the only returning band we’ve had thus far this year. The Boston band Vundabar circled back to the Barn this past weekend as well. Playing alongside Le Grotto from Olympia, WA and Stuyedeyed (pronounced sty-dyed) from Brooklyn, they created the heavy dose of rock and roll this columnist was craving. Who knew Canton, NY could have a punk scene?

That wasn’t the only appearance of these traveling minstrels in the North Country. The day following the show, all three bands caravanned off to Otis Mountain Get Down in Elizabethtown, NY. If you were one amongst the sea of SLU students in attendance, then you were lucky enough to catch two sets of each of these bands. If you missed Otis, I would certainly advocate purchasing a ticket for next year!

The three bands have all had some serious success over the years. Le Grotto just released their second album, Bump the Lamp. This was their last weekend out East; their tour in promotion of their new album kicks off soon in the West Coast. Vundabar also has a new tour scheduled with the up and coming bands The Frights and Hockey Dad. Drew is in big trouble. Stuyedeyed is also in the works of releasing an album in the future, so stick around for that. If you live around the New York City area, keep your eyes open for future Stuyedeyed dates!

I suppose this is where I leave you all for this weeks’ column. While you read this I’m sure you’re still recovering from Trae Pierce and the T-Stones, so I encourage you to stay happy and hydrated. I’ll tell you a little somethin-somethin about Trae next week.

Oculis cepi!

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