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Springfest Fashion

Written by Sarah Richer

By, Sarh Richer

Break out your favorite jerseys, Hawaiian shirts, crop tops, flowy shorts, flash tattoos, and rompers. That is right, Saints, Springfest is almost here! While you have been planning your drinks for the day so you can actually make it to the concert, you have probably forgotten completely about your OOTD. However, there is no need to fret. Here is a list of do’s and don’ts to think about when putting on your outfit before heading over to the townhouses and hopefully stumbling down the hill to the concert.

DO plan an outfit! Lay out an outfit idea on Springfest eve, so you do not have to scramble around in the morning while already trying to do the balancing act of doing your makeup and throwing back mimosas at the same time. Guys, pull out a few of your favorite shirts/jerseys and make sure they do not have any beer spilled on them from the last party.

DON’T wear anything that easily falls down or rides up. It is already going to be hard enough keeping track of things, such as where your roommate disappeared to in the crowd, and you do not want to have to worry about your pants sliding down.

DO wear closed toed shoes!!! Yes, this is a big one. I get that sandals look cute with your romper, but the huge bruise you are going to have after someone steps on your foot at the concert will not be. Closed toed shoes also help you protect yourself from spillage of drinks and other liquids that may make an appearance during Springfest. So break out your old pair of Keds and protect your feet.

DON’T try to plan your outfit around where you can hide your alcohol for the concert. If you are 21+ this is not a problem for you! However, for people who are underage, just hydrate yourself really well before the concert so this is not a problem. Security will confiscate it (shoot-out to dad), which just sucks because you were probably really excited about that Mike’s Hard Lemonade or that can of Natty’s. So just don’t.

DO accessorize!!! Wear your favorite choker, bracelet, or necklace to spice up your outfit a little. Wear some fun socks with your Keds (You will definitely get some compliments). Put on some flash tattoos that probably will be stuck on you the rest of the week.

DON’T wear your Ray-Bans to the concert. Although it is not supposed to be very sunny on Saturday, sunglasses are still fun to wear (especially since they help hide your glazed over eyes). However, I highly recommend going to the dollar store and picking up a pair for Springfest in case you lose them in all the action of the day or someone steps on them.

DO have fun with your outfit! Experiment a little and be bold. Wear bright colors and fun patterns. It is Springfest, after all.

DON’T stress about your outfit too much! People probably will not remember what you wore, anyways, unless they look back at the thousands of pictures you took or your 100 second story on Snapchat.


So, Saints, I have a feeling we all will be looking good this Springfest. Let us show Kid Ink how SLU partie—I mean “studies.”

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