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When Expecting: A “Fuller House”

Photo Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly
Written by Sarah Richer

Surprisingly, while studying abroad, I have had an ample amount of time to binge watch Netflix, in between “studying” and drinking an excessive amount of Copenhagen coffee. Specifically, I have been binge watching (again) “Fuller House” because of the release of Season 3 on Friday September 22nd, which aired exactly 30 years after its original premiere.

“Fuller House” is based off of the classic television show, “Full House”.  The show kept the same characters with the same actors/actresses and added a few new characters to the mix. While the show could never stand up to the original, and is quite cheesy (How rude!), it satisfies those childhood questions of “What ever happened to DJ and Steve?” and “What about Stephanie?” (Note: No one will ever claim they had these or watch “Fuller House” to find out, but check on them at 2 a.m. eating Ben & Jerrys binge watching in private).

Season 2 left off at Jesse and Rebecca adopting a new baby (what?!?), and DJ opening up about her feelings for Steve, which unfortunately is a little too late. Earlier in the season, DJ had a choice between Steve, her high school sweetheart, or Matt, a hunky man that she works with at the vet clinic. Sadly, for everyone that was Team Steve, Kimmy Gibbler included, Steve was dating and is now engaged to a woman named CJ, with the help of DJ (confusing!). DJ is now dating Matt, but revealed to her sister and Kimmy that she was going to choose Steve at the beginning of the summer, which opens Pandora’s Box for Season 3.

Along with all of the DJ drama, the other members of the family have some of their own. Stephanie is dating Jimmy, Kimmy Gibbler’s brother, and lets him know she can’t get pregnant. Kimmy is married to her ex, which is just a disaster waiting to happen. Kimmy and DJ’s kids always seem to have some kind of problem, which is solved by the end of the episode in a life lesson (kind of like the original). Joey and Danny are still up to usual business. So, it seems like everything is normal, right? Well, not exactly.

In Season 3, Steve is off to get married in Japan to a girl remarkably like DJ, but we now know DJ’s true feelings. It is expected that this will cause some sort of drama. Along with this, there is most likely going to be some issues dealing with Jesse and Rebecca’s new child. (Are they too old for this?). The kids will definitely get into some mischief, but I am sure Joey and Danny will be around to teach them a good Tanner lesson. Things with Stephanie and Jimmy will get more serious, while things with Kimmy and her ex new husband (again) will most likely get a little rocky. While not much is going to change plot wise, there is expected to be a few twists and turns along the way.

The Season 3 premiere of “Fuller House” does not have me at the edge of my seat because I pretty much know what I am going to see, a poor spinoff of an original, but I am going to still watch the show. Minus the fact that Uncle Jesse still has it at his age (Have Mercy!), “Fuller House” is like that guy you keep going back to that you know has a bad personality but he satisfies what you need so you do it anyway. On that note, “Fuller House” premieres Friday September 22nd on Netflix, so go buy your Ben & Jerrys at the Pub, turn the lights off in your room and start the guilty binge watch.

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