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Top Four Cringey Moments on this weeks Bachelor

Written by Sarah Bercovitz

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I am back, Bachelor fans! As most of you know, our latest episode was only an hour long, a real tragedy for Bachelor nation. That is okay because Monday’s episode was still jam-packed with cringe-worthy moments, so let us get on to the top four!


  1. Corinne’s Exit. Cringe-worthy, yet very satisfying for all the viewers who were ready to send that platinum vagine home to her nanny since week one. However, Corinne did not leave without a memorable exit. After questioning at great length why she cannot just have a normal relationship (BECAUSE YOU SIGNED UP FOR THE BACHELOR), she decided to call it a night and go to sleep. Would it be a Corinne exit without a nap? I think not.
  2. Andi’s Visit? Still confused as to why this even happened. It has literally been three days since I watched this episode, and I am still perplexed. This may have been the most underwhelming two minutes in Bachelor history. The good news for the .01% of Bachelor fans who care is that Andi seems to have forgiven Nick for slut shaming her on National Television, and Nick seems to have forgiven Andi for roasting him in her tell-all book. Happy for the two of you.
  3. Nick’s Turtleneck. Okay, I get it, you are in a cold place, you are feeling trendy, but the turtleneck was not the answer, Nick. I actually have no idea what happened on this date, because I was so fixated on the terror of Nick’s turtleneck. This outfit choice was proof that the costume department wants to ruin Nick’s life. Sorry, buddy, I do not know whom you ticked off in wardrobe, but it is time to make amends.
  4. Raven roasting her ex. Let us be real, from the second we heard that Raven attacked her cheating boyfriend with her stiletto, we knew she was out for revenge. So what better way to further flip the bird to your slimebag ex than to let millions of Bachelor viewers know that he was not exactly… satisfying. Expert move, Raven; do not mess with this girl!


That is all for now, but do not worry, in next week’s three-hour episode I am sure there will be endless cringe-worthy moments! My prediction for the winner is our one and only Vanessa! She is just too kind and poised not to get the guy. However, she might be a little out of his league, in my opinion. I guess we will just have to watch and see!

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