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Variations on a Theme: Start Making Sense, One Last Java, and the Road to Nowhere

Written by Joey Duggan

By, Joey Duggan

Well, we know where we’re going. Some of us do, anyway.

But we don’t know where we’ve been. Has it really been four years? Is it really possible that the Java house hasn’t collapsed yet?

And we know what we’re knowing. I know that Start Making Sense played at Java last Thursday, and that it was the very last Java show of the spring semester. You know they played “Road to Nowhere” at set break, and the roof flew right off the barn. We all know that Java must be the place.

But we can’t say what we’ve seen. What did I do in the front row? Did we really make it through countless nights of funk without getting fried? Does anything good ever happen after set-break? Does anyone remember the Springfest show?

And we’re not little children. Although, sometimes we get the chance to act like we are.

And we know what we want. We want a place where we can all come together in between all those days we let go by, a place where we can dance and eat our fill and hear some of the grooviest tunes going these days. We want to come back again and again to that garage overlooking the J Lot. We want to get back to it as soon as possible come fall.

And the future is certain. And so the sun sets over the Java Barn one last time before the summer creeps in again. Seniors, keep your ears open for updates on Senior Week at Java. Allie says she’s got something big in the works. For the rest of you Java Lovers…

Give us time to work it out. There will be shows next year, you can count on it. Some of us may be moving on to Nowhere, but the rest of the Beans will be working day and night over the summer to make sure that next year’s lineup will be even funkier. In the meantime, make sure you eat your vegetables and keep your dancing shoes clean.

We’re on a Road to Nowhere. Thank you to every last person who made Java possible this year, from the bottom of our coffee mug. Java love is forever.


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