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The Forecast Says It’s Funky from Here on Out

By, Joey Duggan

The bikes are back on the paths, the shorts and sundresses are flying off the racks, and the sun’s unpacking its bags: it’s April, and the little Java flowers have started peeking their little heads through the topsoil.

Winter wasn’t easy on the Beans this year. The cold weather spells cold concrete and stifled air for the Java Barn. On the coldest of nights, it can be hard to work up the courage necessary for braving the icy winds on the way to the show. The salt, sand, and snow make it harder for Neil to clean up on the morning after. Sure, he gets it done, but he complains that much more.

Now that the cold has finally given way, we’re in for a wagonsworth of spring weather and all the funk that it brings. We caught our first glimpse of this phenomenon last weekend, when Del Water Gap and Twisted Pines drew a crowd into Java Barn for a night of rag and roots music. The rhythm of the Del Water Gap guitars blew away the last of the winter’s snowmen. After Twisted Pines took the stage, the heaving of the upright bass echoed through the open garage door and floated off into the season. It was only the beginning.

Don’t worry, Java Lovers, we still have a bag full of shows left. The nights will get warmer and warmer, and the crowds will grow bigger and bigger. There’s nothing like springtime at the Java Barn.

You can count on open doors when Harsh Armadillo rolls through this weekend. These Java veterans know their way around the St. Lawrence scene. They’re Burlington natives, so expect enthusiasm for the change in the weather. Make sure you make it to the Barn before they take the stage this Saturday, because the crowd will be a big one. If you’re early enough, you’ll  have the chance to feel the breeze all the way up in the front row.

Should you bring your coat? No need. Just pop on your rollerblades or your rainboots and soak up some moonbeams on your way down to your favorite retrofitted garage! Then grab a cup at the door and get straight to groovin’ the April night away.

Please extinguish any flames before you cross that threshold, and lose anything that will get you down while you boogie.

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