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The Funk Lives On at Java

Written by Will Havens

This past Thursday, we witnessed one of the most funkadelic nights we’ve had in a while here at the Java Barn. Trae Pierce and The T-Stones are a Miami-native band. They’ve been traveling around the North East for the past few months and making quite the reputation for themselves.

Trae Pierce, the band’s frontman, has been working in the music industry for decades. In this time, Trae managed to accrue four Grammys and boasts a miscellany of musical awards. Trae has shared the stage, as well as a spot in the band of greats, such as James Brown, Michael Jackson, and Phil Collins. Playing alongside the T-Stones is his newest project, slapping his heavy funk groove on a plethora of originals and covers.

It should be noted (and as you’ve all seen) the T-Stones don’t just limit themselves to funk. Their style transcends hip-hop, soul, classical, and hair metal. With covers ranging from Michael Jackson to Rage Against the Machine, they managed to create a blend the likes Java has seldom seen before.

The showmanship in particular was something to gawk at (in the best of ways). Their guitarist, Adam, seemed to know every single guitar trick there was in the book. He was playing behind the back, over the shoulders, through the legs with the licking, the slapping, the obscene gestures reminiscent of Mick Mars and Eddie Van Halen, the man put on a spectacular performance.

As I mentioned last week, we followed the band to Wormtown. Their drummer, Gordon, reported that the band will be continuing on their tour through Brooklyn and then all the way down South to Florida.

By the time you read this article, you will have already had your face melted off by the Saratoga Springs locals Wild Adriatic. This particular show just so happens to be their debut performance of a tour spanning over 2 months and covering 10 different states. The tour is named “The Fall of the Wild” (clever, huh?) and will have many dates around NY and VT. Be sure to check out their Facebook for more details!

Looking even further ahead into the future, we’ve got a weekend full of music coming our way! Nestling ourselves around the Friday of Fall Fest, the Java Barn will be igniting the weekend with two separate shows. Mister F kick off the weekend on Thursday, the 28th, and Aqueous will close the weekend on the 30th. Both bands are returning Java favorites, so be sure to show your sweaty face out there. That’s all for this week, be sure to check back next Friday for the meaty details of Wild Adriatic.

Solet nutrix porcos!

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