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Featured Artist of the Week: Meg Chandler ‘17

Written by Hill News Staff

Global Studies Major

Dorset, Vermont

Preferred Medium:
Paint, spray paint, photography


How did you get into art:
I always enjoyed art in elementary and middle school, so I continued to take classes throughout high school. I took AP studio art as a senior with a concentration in portraiture. When I got to St. Lawrence, my studio interests shifted more towards photography and street art. Street art was introduced to me during semesters abroad in Bolivia and Nepal. I realized I could make my interest in the contemporary art form academic and pursued research opportunities in Kenya, Tanzania, and Burma. This research led to my SYE topic and inspired the show I curated in the Richard F. Brush art gallery.


Do you have a favorite artist:
I love French impressionist painters such as Monet and Degas, but my favorite artists right now are Shepard Fairey and Annie Leibovitz.

Favorite style/period of art:
Impressionist painting as well as contemporary street art and photography.

Favorite Jams to Listen to while working (if any):
Zayn’s album Mind of Mine (lol)


What do you do on campus outside of the studio:
I enjoy going to the gym, hanging out with friends, and watching Netflix. I am a member of the Women’s Resource Center and the women’s club hockey team. Academically, I have been working on a Global Studies SYE analyzing street art in Nepal, Burma, Kenya, and Tanzania. In addition, I have to jobs on campus. I work as a student shooter for the University photographer Tara Freeman and at the Munro Family climbing wall.

Do you hope to incorporate you work into your future endeavors?
I hope to research the same type of concepts that I did when preparing for my gallery show, Re-Writing the Streets: The International Language of Stickers, but I am not sure if I will pursue a career in curating.

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